Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Best Surprise Ever

This is a email I got from one of the families I made a cross stitch for it. It really made my heart smile. This is the whole reason I do what I do for others. Forever something they can treasure.

CAROLINE...MY CROSS STITCH IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! I wasn't even sure my request had gone through.

I generally pick up my mail on Monday's & Thursday's but hadn't been feeling well & went today. Oh my, I began crying before I even opened the package because I knew what was in there but had no idea just how beautiful It would be! I was shaking so bad & could not stop crying! The colors are fabulous, you used all the colors I mentioned too, that means so very much to me!!! I love the yellow, red & blue, it's perfect! Perfect!

Your work is amazing - please know my gratitude is deep, my thank you endless! I just love it & cannot thank you enough! Please feel my sincerity in the words I write & my tremendous appreciation in the treasured gift you have provided to my heart! What a keepsake! And I know Steven & Baby Sabrowske thank you too & are probably flying highest right now! You are an angel among them. For some reason, in never having met - I do find a comfort in you & want you to know what Steven & I look like! I do hope you can see the appreciation in both Steven's & my eyes for your gift to us! I hope you do at least feel it in my words!

On behalf of Steven, Baby & myself >>> thanks again...thank you, thank you, thank you!


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Steven ~ Baby Sabrowske

Friday, December 9, 2011

Blake & Emily

Princess Nevaeh Marie

Kaia Nicole Crossely

Alexis Jade

The Cook Twins

Benjamin Micheal

Lainey Jay Hughes

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jayden John Mayfield

Adrienne Mae


Samuel James

Lani Sharon Flores


Hope Abigail

Hailey Maddison Molloy

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Busy & Wonderful Thank You

I have been super busy & will be adding more names in the next few days.
It is sad but I'm happy that having this project I'm able to reach out to more families and do something to make them feel good. Remembering those children and hearing there name is so important.

Just this morning I opened up my emails and have five more to do. It makes me feel so good to share love and do something kind.

A couple weeks ago I got a small package in the mail. This picture is what was in it.Here a family that I had recently done a cross stitch for there baby. She handmade a Thank you card and sent me some floss as a donation. My heart was smiling that's why I love what I do for others. I know they were so blessed by what I had done. I don't charge and I don't plan on it because it is a special gift to them from me. I will never forget there angel and so sweet of them to do this.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Jamiz Thomas Levert Tucker - Anderson

Monday, October 17, 2011

Daniel Raymond Huestis

Dakota , Bailey , Rylee , Jaydon & Jorden

Blake & Bradyn

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rayden Zachery

Liberty , Elijah , Eden & Journey


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sebastion Rush

Dakota Blakely

Catherine Rose

Erina , Ephriam , Earian & Emery

Cierra Renay

Alexis Lee



Eli Jay

Channing Angel Leal

Monday, July 25, 2011

Just so you know

I still have some more I am working on so if you don't see yours it will be done in a few days.

~ Zoe & Addie ~

~ River ~

~ Serenity ~

~ Shreya ~

~ Annaliese ~

~ Jeremiah ~

~ Donna Rose ~

~ Lukas John ~

~ Jack & Jake ~

~ Aiden ~

Friday, July 22, 2011

Update on Things

I'm doing good been a little busy as my kids start school this coming Monday. I wanted to let everyone know I'm almost caught up and plan on posting pictures this weekend on this blog. Will be mailing everything I have done this coming week. Hope everyone is doing well.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Welcome to Stitches of Love

Today is the start of something new I have been working on for quite a while now. I wanted to give back to the Baby Lost Community. This is a source of healing for me , working through my grief. I want to put a smile on a person's face that has lost a child. I myself have lost three children to miscarriage. In Feb ,2006 I lost a son Riley ~ 12 wks. In Dec, 2007 - I lost at eight wks. Then on April 29 , 2009 I gave birth to my Rainbow Baby ~ A daughter Carly. She has been such a joy to our lives. My most recent loss was Jan 6 ,2011 ~ 12 wks - 1 day.

I love to crosstitch and make things myself. So this is how I started and have made things for others in the past two years.

Two years ago I met a wonderful woman and who I'm proud to call my friend ~ Holly. We have never met IRL but I started following her journey Caring for Carleigh. I was so inspired by her that I wanted to make something special for her. That's how it all started. I learned through her journey and for the first time was able to open up about my losses.

I would now like to take requests for anyone that has lost a child.

I'm thankful for the blogs I have read and the new ones I come across. I wish so much I could stitch everyone's broken heart. That's why today I would like to stitch your child's name.

Here are a couple to show you what I make.

I'm going to take a picture of each one that I make and post them on this blog. I will not delete any of them.

If you would like to request one for your child or children , please email me at


Let me know your child's name and if you have a special color of thread you would like. If not I will just put a couple colors together. Please also include your address so I can mail it to you.

It depends on how busy I get but for the most part a two weeks or so to get them to you.

Right now I'm doing this all free , no charge. I want to give back to the Baby Loss Community
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