Sunday, November 6, 2011

Busy & Wonderful Thank You

I have been super busy & will be adding more names in the next few days.
It is sad but I'm happy that having this project I'm able to reach out to more families and do something to make them feel good. Remembering those children and hearing there name is so important.

Just this morning I opened up my emails and have five more to do. It makes me feel so good to share love and do something kind.

A couple weeks ago I got a small package in the mail. This picture is what was in it.Here a family that I had recently done a cross stitch for there baby. She handmade a Thank you card and sent me some floss as a donation. My heart was smiling that's why I love what I do for others. I know they were so blessed by what I had done. I don't charge and I don't plan on it because it is a special gift to them from me. I will never forget there angel and so sweet of them to do this.


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